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SAUDI FAN INDUSTRIES is another manufacturing division of Refrigeration House Group. The main products are Roof fans, Axial fans, Duct fans, Radial fans and Tube fans in different ranges to cover various air flow volumes at various static pressures.

The clientele includes mainly Electro-Mechanical and HVAC contractors, Petrochemical companies, Ministry of Defense, Hotels, Factories, Hospitals etc. Our product comply to AMCA Test procedures and as per ISO requirement. All our products in accordance with AMCA, UL and are being manufactured under DIN standard like 24163, DIN 45635 part 38 etc. We have technical collaboration with Rosenberg Ventilatoren GmbH (Germany). Saudi Fan Industries has registered with Saudi Arabian Oil Company (ARAMCO) vendor No.10013555 and with Saudi Electric Co. (vendor No. S-4875).

Saudi Fan Industries has established the aerodynamics testing laboratory which had been designed and constructed according to AMCA standard 210, the lab occupies an area of 400 m2 and is the nerve centre for all Saudi Fan product development. The reliability of results from these modern instrumentation means a strict control over both final products and their manufacturing.

RTC-Roof Exhaust Fan-Belt Driven

Square in Line Belt Driven Fan

Centrifugal Roof Fan Direct Drive DH/DV

HRZ-DWDI Centrifugal Air Blower - Belt Driven

Centrifugal Radial Fan Direct Drive ERAE-ERAD/DRAE-DRAD

Centrifugal Radial Fan Belt Driven HRE-TRE/HRZ-TRZ

DV-Kitchen Exhaust Fan Belt Driven

Fresh Air Musfan Belt & Direct Driven MU

Air Box Fresh Air Fan Belt & Direct Driven AirBox

Centrifugal Twin Fan Belt & Driven Driven TW

Axial Low Pressure Fan Direct Drive EQ/DQ

Inline Centrifugal Duct Fan Direct Drive EKAE/EKAD

Axial High Pressure FanDirect Drive AND

Inline Centrifugal Tube Fan Direct Drive R / RS

Axial Circulation Fan Direct Drive SACF 30"-36"

ISQ-Fresh air square inline fan Belt Driven


Saudi Fan

109 Abha street, 2nd Industrial City,

Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Phone No : +966(13) 812 1866

Fax No : +966(13) 812 1894

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